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 And Josh Dean appeared On BBC East Midlands TV Click here                                                                                                               

Jo Hollis with Rasta Mcc

Jo Hollis with Ruff Rymez

Rasta Mcc, Ruff Rymez and Greg Semple interviewed by Jo Hollis BBC Radio Leicester 27/1/12 at YASC (YMCA)

Click here for BBC Radio Leic Jo Hollis

Excluded appeared on BBC Radio Leicester with Kambasemba- Ney Corte Reals band. We had a breif interview with Everton Osbourne about the project with Ney- Recorded at Action Homeless last year and then kambasemba played ‘Muxima’ live

Click here for Kambasemba on BBC radio Leicester

Everton Osbourne sits in. The best gospel music and inspiring stories
Excluded Ltd has featured on BBC Radio Leicester previously with Azee and Mad Silance
Spy G appeared on BBC Radio Sheffield with his track Midnight

BBC Radio Leicester again Thanks to Jo Hollis, Dulcie Dixon and Spy G

Dulcie Dixon: 22/04/2012 – sorry this link has expired – we will post the edit when its available

BBC Radio Leicester  – This time for JK and Fegredo- with a big thanks to Karl Traae

(tho JK played the demo mix of your love lmao)