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Lottery Funded


Resident’s of Leicester’s homeless hostels have been given an early Christmas present after a mobile recording studio, which gives them the chance to produce their own music tracks, received a £10,000 grant from the Big Lottery Fund.

Excluded Ltd, a not-for-profit social enterpriseprovides the mobile studio service for people excluded from usual mainstream opportunities. Thanks to the Big Lottery Fund’s Awards for All programme, Excluded will now be able to offer more music production, video sessions and showcase events throughout the new year.?

Greg Semple began the service in 2010 by volunteering to Action Homeless and the YMCA, providing a free service to clients who often fall into the category of ‘digitally excluded’. ?

Greg Semple said ‘Whilst the objective is to create some great music, the payback is inclusion and rehabilitation. The emphasis here is on music’s powerful ability to reinstate people to mainstream society and I’m delighted Excluded is developing a proven track record of inspiring people to get involved.’?

Former client Cynthia Mapara has joined the enterprise as a co director and can now assesses the Arts Awards up to A level Standard. She said ‘Excluded has helped me to improve as an artist and recording engineer providing encouragement to increase my education and employment skills and now many more people like me will benefit from this Big Lottery Fund grant.’

Tina Pearce, Service User Development Officer for Action Homeless, said: ‘Excluded LTD has provided our residents at Action Homeless an opportunity to escape the chaos that can sometimes dominate their lives. They offer an opportunity to indulge and develop creativity. The satisfaction of seeing a project from an idea to a recorded track is a huge incentive. Our residents who have worked with Greg previously have been able to embrace their creativity and harness it through a positive and meaningful medium. Excluded LTD have been a breath of fresh air for some of our residents and as an organisation we relish the opportunity to continue to work alongside Excluded LTD bringing that opportunity to a vulnerable and otherwise excluded community.’

‘Excluded Ltd has given me a chance to express my music what I like to do best.? I’ve managed to share my own songs and share my own musical expressions with lots of other people .? Excluded limited has amazing potential and its made me feel so much happier knowing there are people that appreciate what I do.’

Alex Woodward former Stonham Leicestershire Supported Lodgings Resident

Joshua Dean Recording Drowsy Dubb Excluded Vol 1