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New Releases 2015

Rix Evo ‘Ready to Roll’ produced by Excluded

Ready to Roll by Rix Evo available iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify

Drum and Bass from Life Chronicles produced by Dj Chynablood & Jakeson mixed by Codec (HQ Nick)

Kings by Life Chronicles available iTunes, Spotify or soundcloud

Hip Hop from AC & Emro Produced by Jakeson and Mixed by Jedi

‘Money on my mind’ (aka M.o.m.m. Part 2) by AC, Emro & Jakeson Stream free on Spotify or buy on iTunes,

The Light by Daddy Wattsie feat: Candice Chevron produced by Jedi

The Light by Daddy Wattsie available iTunes, Spotify

Hiphop from AK – the Blind Soldier

AK, the Blind Soldier raps over a beat by Jedi featuring The Empress, available on iTunes

House Music from Asterix (Played by BBC introducing)

asterix the gaul 1

Buy Asterix on iTunes/play on Spotify or Soundcloud


Electronic Tonic from Giltrap – Derp/Please

Derp 6

Buy Derp on iTunes / Play on Spotify