Our Music Producers/Facilitators

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Jake Semple In house producer & sound engineer, aka Jakeson beats are in demand by our clients and many co productions between himself and excluded Ltd are lined up for continuous release. Jake holds regular sessions with personal budget clients working  1 to 1 hands on Music Production & Song Writing using Propellerheads Reason Software


Jez EQ now trading as EQ Productions Jez Canning worked with Greg Semple during the mid 90’s releasing some Jungle beats gaining a 9th position in the Ambient soho’s groove check chart in the NME as Section 47 with the ‘Ambient Dubb Thing’ http://t.co/hCsNQVSf on Terra Records – now Excluded Ltd.  Section 47 gained subsequent reviews for releases in NME & Mixmag. Jez went on to produce for Mickey Finns Dramatix and Urban Shakedown. http://www.discogs.com/label/Dramatix

Excluded aka Greg Semple   –  Founder member of and CEO of Excluded. Debut as Section47 in 1994 with Jez EQ (above), Freelanced as a sound engineer/editor during the 90’s. Greg has hosted occasional guest lectures and open days for Spirit Studios aka Manchester School of Sound Recording ’91-92 (Tariff Street days).

Alex Fegredo  Alex is a former Trustee and Employee of Excluded Ltd his musical skills are phenomenal he continues to produce and co produce with Excluded, his released with us included Chilla (Jk and Fegredo) and Taylor, Fegredo and Traae, besides assistance behind the scenes on many others.

Karl Traae, best known for his role in Perfume –  from the Wiki Article  “The recruitment of bass player Karl Traae of Leicester’s HBM and recently returned from a stint in the US with San Diego’s Whirl lead to a minor (UK Top 75) hit in January 1996 with the single “Haven’t Seen You”. That year’s success saw them sign to Big Star Records, and to Paul Weller‘s publishers Notting Hill, who reissued “Lover” to be followed by the debut album Onein 1997. Perfume performed at the Glastonbury Festival in 1997. The band split later that year with a posthumous “best of” compilation Yesterday Rising released in 1998″ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfume_(UK_band)

ITV Chart Show  –  Feb ’96,

Carving Your Name – Perfume