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Releases 2010 – 2013

Excluded Ltd represents a mixed bag of genres, more or less what ever walks trough the door, although we are currently happily dominated by Grime and Hip Hop with a dash of DnB….and a little this and that!

Traditional Angolan Freedom Fighter Folk song

Muxima on Spotify or Buy on iTunes

Drum & Bass with Dj Chynablood & Excluded featuring Bandy B and Weejii

Available on iTunesSpotify,  Google Play or Juno

Excluded & Giltrap Remix Swamp Delta’s Hanging Man with a blend inspired by trap with a drum and bass flavour

Finally our country Punk gets caught on camera with this excellent country song featuring Excluded’s Karl Traae on bass and Alex Fegredo on guitar

Hear Beautiful World free on Spotify or Buy on iTunes or Google play

Powerstomp from Excluded featuring MC Infected (an anonymous die hard)

New From Mad Silance

Available on iTunesSpotify,  Google Play or Deezer

Uk Hiphop from Smallz – Music composed by J-Trigz

Available on iTunesSpotifyGoogle play or Deezer

Dangerous HipHop From AC

Tommy Boy Available on iTunes

Grime From Mad Silance ‘I Dont Care’ Available on iTunes Now or Google Play 

Grime from Emro Buy from iTunes or hear on Spotify


‘I Need’ Hip Hop from Carruther’s. Hear Free on Spotify or buy on iTunes

‘Whatever the Vibe’ From the Album Classical Mess Carruther’s feat. Candice Chevon produced by Jedi iTunes or Spotify


# Fitness? # Workout?,  try this album full of mellow Dnb flavours at 140 bpm
from one of our supporting and very skilled producers Jez Q formerly of Micky Finns Dramatix and Flex recordings (Urban Take-over)

  available now on Spotify  (listen free) buy on  iTunesGoogle play  Deezer etc,


Out Now Excellent Grime produced by Ruff Rymez and Ashton A.R.T buy iTunes or stream on Spotify

Out Now from Swamp Delta (Leicester’s ex members of 80’s legends GBOA/Crazyhead hybrid)

buy Swamp delta’s Heavy Water on iTunes or Google play or listen on Spotify

More About Swamp Delta Here

The Superb Follow up to Heavy Water is here already

Buy Swamp Delta Hanging Man from iTunes or listen free on Spotify

Out NOW From AC

 Uk Hiphop From AC ‘I Want It All’ Buy on iTunes  hear Free on Spotify


New Grime release out now this from Emro & Mad Silance Buy on iTunes or Google Play



Dj Zero (uk) iTunes

Rules The Video from Rasta Mcc 


Dubstep From AC on iTunes or listen free on Spotify


Pop Music by Jason Gunz Feat.Lyrix  on iTunes or listen free on Spotify


Glitchstep Inflections from Giltrap on bandcamp


Pop Music From Alex Woodward ‘Pretty Little Thing’ 

available iTunes / Google Play  or listen on spotify


More Releases from Excluded Ltd Artists

click on the image for iTunes or follow links to listen on spotify 

Grime from Ruff Rymez  iTunes  or hear free on Spotify

Spoken word from our fabulous compere Tony Rice.  Buy on iTunes or hear on Spotify

spoken word artwork for web


 Grime sounds from Lyrix Hear Free on Spotify or buy on iTunes

Hip Hop From Cybil Hear Free on Spotify or buy on iTunes

Pop Reggae From Jaykay and Fegredo Hear Free on Spotify or buy on iTunes

Sweet Dubstep/and Hip hop from Ruff Rymez Hear Free on Spotify or buy on iTunes

Bouncing Bassline from Spy G and Jay Click Hear Free on Spotify or buy on iTunes

Futuristic Grime from Mad Silance Hear Free on Spotify or buy on iTunes

Grime from the Mad Silance (2010 ) Hear Free on Spotify or buy on iTunes

Rasta Poetry to music from Rasta Mcc Hear Free on Spotify or buy on iTunes

 Thanks to gaminislife123 of Josh’s Drwosey dubb from the 1st  Album Excluded Vol1

Hear the full length Drowsey Dub hear on Spotify or buy on iTunes from the player below

Hear Free on Spotify or buy below

These tunes are available separately at £0.99

should the player not be visible click here


Our 1st Album Review by Trevor Locke of Arts in Leicester

Excluded has released a first album of songs. The Leicester based organisation provides a mobile recording studio and records and produces music made by people who are excluded from mainstream services: those who are homeless and who might also have drug and alcohol problems or have been in prison.

Making music helps with rehabilitation, Greg Semple told us. Greg set up Excluded when he was a volunteer with Action Homeless and the YMCA. Sound engineer Greg has been homeless himself and knows what it’s like. He has also discovered how music can provide people who are facing problems with an empowering medium.

The first album has 15 tracks and four radio edits and is an amazing collection of musical delights. Several of the artists have recorded songs from their native background; including Angolan music, Irish folk, rap and hip-hop.

Chilla, for example, by JK and Fegredo, has a compelling reggae beat with some really great rhythmic content, trumpet backings and strong rasta feel. Many of the tracks celebrate the musical culture of the artists who made them. Track 4.  Muxima by Ney Corte Real and Tony Du Du is sung in Angolan, backed by some really splendid guitar work.

I particularly liked Drowsey Dub by Joshua Dean, with its Irish folk violin parts blended with dub beats; a really exciting fusion of musical idioms, it was an inspirational track. It reminded me of the Afro-Celtic Sound System albums in my small but perfectly formed collection of CDs. You can hear this track on the Excluded web site.

R ‘n B, rap and hip-hop are strongly represented but what comes across is the musical vibrancy and eclectic mix of idioms. I liked some tracks more than others but anyone with a broad taste in music will something on this album to excite them.

Greg Semple’s work with Excluded is remarkable and deserves a wider audience.

Trevor Locke

3rd November




Thanks to Nick at Horus Music for all his support

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