Swamp Delta

Former members of the notorious GayeBykers On Acid and Crazyhead combine to create Swamp Delta “South Wigston Anarchist Media Project”

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Urgent News from the LA (Leicester Area) Swamp Delta. Recently various members of two giants of Late 80s Urban Bastard Blues – The Gaye Bykers on Acid and Crazyhead, – met, drank deep from the well of the Swamp Juice, lit the fire to the Delta Goddess and a Musical Marsh Monster was born. This numinous night time hatching precipitated a coalescing of the three Wigston troubadours into a new, ugly, deformed, Mutant Bastard Blues offspring called SWAMP DELTA. Ian Anderson – cover idol and bedroom trasher for Cult 80s Urban Bastard Blues Band Crazyhead growls at the front. Robber Byker, Mutoid Swamp Musician, bass player for the mighty Gaye Bykers crashed and thrashed on his Day glow Japanese guitar. Renown for his twin deck spin Zombie punk disc destruction, RB suckles at the torrid teat of Techno as well as embracing the Swamp Queen’s Voodoo. Finally, the Legendary Porkbeast; Handlebarred Bass Bombshell for Crazyhead, leather clad Zombie blues master, Keeper of the Secret Source of Glene and Knight of the Wigston Delta, he strangled a solo out of his Vintage Valvetone Swampcaster. The Offspring? HEAVY WATER. These three 21st Century mass metal destructors have formed a new musical Collective SWAMP DELTA. All three were born and raised in the South Wigston Swamp Zone (an area perhaps best known for nurturing young pretenders Kasabian). Built on ancient marshlands next to the holy river Glene; a liminal-psychomagic sector where the Delta Queen is worshiped and the gift of music is granted. Lost tribes and swamp fauna fill their minds. Mystic visions and psychotropic wars populate their Ids. Brain bending substances, mind stretching ritual; eat it – three days without any sleep – puke it – give your hands to the Delta’s Daughter. They got low in the Heart of Darkness and drank the Heavy Water. Three Grebo Gurus, a troika of Grind, 2+1 = Meltdown, a triumvirate of Swamp Stenching Rock and Roll. Night time? Well she’s a harlot….The Gifts of the Mother have a price……Wake up bent, twisted and on your knees. The clash of this tripped out Delta Force has brought forth the BRAND NEW track with video…HEAVY WATER. With LA resident Swamp Thing Bud Longtooth at the controls, the mix was mastered, the moonshine polished, the madness mediated. Metaphorical, allegorical, psycholiminal? Figure it out for yourselves… Enjoy…. Peter St John Nettleton. Artist Containment. 2013.




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